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3 thoughts on “GUEST BOOK

  1. Hi, I’m a random internet stranger and kidlit fan who saw your interview at 7-imps this morning. Your handmade books are so cool! & I love the giraffe drawings. Looking forward to seeing your books in print soon! 🙂

  2. Hi Elizabeth, I stopped by to see your work, following you’re showcase at 7imp. Just felt like saying how lovely your art is! I enjoyed your free lines and playful images. I hope to see your books sometime in the near future! Keep on working until you realize your dreams.


  3. Glad I stumbled upon you. Your art is beautiful! And awesome that you’re local (Baltimore). Let me know if you ever come by GreenRow or if you want help promoting your 2017 release. I’d love to support you however I could through my podcast, Let’s Get Busy.

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